Amazing Australian Women

Meet twelve amazing Australian women who have changed the world, in small ways and large. Some of them are world famous, like Annette Kellerman and Nellie Melba. Some of them are famous in Australia, like Mary Reibey and Edith Cowan. All of them deserve to be famous and admired. These women are the warriors who paved the way for the artists, business owners, scientists, singers, politicians, actors, sports champions, adventurers, activists and innovators of Australia today. The featured women are: Mary Reibey, convict and businesswoman Tarenore, Indigenous resistance fighter Mary Lee, suffragist Nellie Melba, opera singer Edith Cowan, politician Tilly Aston, teacher, writer and disability activist Rose Quong, actress, lecturer and writer Elizabeth Kenny, nurse and medical innovator Annette Kellerman, swimmer and movie star Lores Bonney, aviation pioneer Emily Kame Kngwarreye, artist Ruby Payne-Scott, scientist