Crikey! The Ultimate Guide To Aussie Slang - Little Defamation



Happy Straya Day. Yep, we have our own lingo down under. Fair dinkum! If ya got red hair, we call you blue. It's just the way we work. So, if you want to talk like a "Hemsworth", this is exactly what you need in your backpack. This ripping sky red (lol) box is stuffed with 24 classic Aussie slang; Crikey, before you can say, "Stone the bloody crows", you'll be yakking away in fluent 'Strine'.

Little Defamations features 24 suggestions for daily usage of some seriously naughty words. Defamations are not meant to offend or inflame. They merely recognise the fact we can't all be sweetness and light all of the time. The perfect gift for friends and family who don't take life too seriously.