Kip & Co - Manwak Woven Cushion


Part of the incredible Kip&Co x Bábbarra collaboration.

100% cotton woven cushion with fringe trim. Insert included. 
50x50cm. Zip closure on back

Manwak, 2017 ©Deborah Wurrkidj / Licensed by Copyright Agency
These images are not to be reproduced without the approval of the licensor.
This incredible artwork depicts the Manwak flower which grows near Mumeka creek, on the Deborah’s homeland. 
The beautiful large flower blooms during the mandjewk (wet season). It has deep green petals with a central red kernel which swells to the size of a berry. It is known for its long, sweeping petals which seem to dance in the winds. 
By dry season, the inside kernel resembles a strawberry in appearance and flavour, but is also very spicy so it burns our mouth. Kids and adults pick these berries enthusiastically when walking or going hunting on my country. The inside of the flowers are eaten fresh, a favourite manme (bush food) of Kuninjku people. 
“When I was painting this Manwak story, I was painting in Maningrida. In my head I was dreaming of being on my homeland, eating ripe Manwak berries.”

Bábbarra and Kip&Co divide all profits from the collaboration equally, so 50% of profits will return to the Bábbarra Women’s Centre.