Little Veggie Patch Co Heirloom Seeds -Mustard 'Mike Green Giant'


A broad leafed mustard that has large aromatic light green leaves. The mildly pungent leaves can be used in soup, salad, stir-fry or pickled. All parts of the plant are used—roots, shoots, stems and leaves.

When to Plant
Zone 1: September - April
Zone 2: August - May
Zone 3: March - December
Zone 4: May - August

Approximate no. of seeds 100


Full sun but will benefit from shading in warm weather as it can bolt to seed.


Sow directly into your patch at a depth of about 1cm. Thin out once they have germinated, which should take approximately 10 days.

Spacing 30-40cm

Depth 0.5-1cm


Herbs, Onions