Mayonnaise Maker

Make amazing mayonnaise without a food processor, with Mayozen from Cookut. The jar has simple to follow instructions and ingredients on the side. Combine an egg yolk, a generous tablespoon of mustard and oil then pop the ‘mayo-turbo’ ball on top. Give the jar a shake and add more oil as indicated. Repeat the process to make the desired amount, et voilà! Tasty mayo in no time.
  • Homemade mayonnaise maker
  • Material: glass, metal
  • Dimensions: H14xØ7cm
  • Make delicious mayonnaise without a food processor
  • Follow the instructions & ingredients on the side of the jar
  • Add in the silicone ‘mayo-turbo’ ball
  • Shake for a few seconds & add more oil as indicated
  • Repeat the process until you get the desired amount
  • Keep mayonnaise refrigerated in its jar
  • BPA free & dishwasher safe