MAZDEVALLIA Okenia Statement Earrings


Oh Okenia, you must be a beautiful slug!

Introducing Okenia – your spirit animal and spirit earring. Named after a species of sea slug (who said sea creatures can’t be sexy?), Okenia is the perfect accessory for good vibes and good times. In nature Okenias live the dream, cruising the coasts of California and meandering in Mediterranean rock pools. Now you can channel some of that chill, no matter where your day takes you. Featuring monochrome spots, highlighter brights and a hit of metallic gold, these earrings turn heads for all the right reasons. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly too. Made from premium, sustainable materials – and a whole lotta love.

Length: 75 mm

Width: 40 mm at the widest part

Metallic gold and hand painted Piñatex®,  iridescent PVC, sustainably sourced hand painted cork fabric, hand painted abstract designs on hand cut polymer clay shapes. 

Piñatex® is a beautiful vegan friendly, natural, sustainably produced textile that was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to mass produced leather. The hand cut Piñatex® components have a pastel pink painted back.

All earrings are designed, painted and completely handmade. No two pairs are ever the same! As these earrings are made by hand, there may be some very slight variations in the colours and shapes to the pair pictured.

These earrings are ultra-lightweight, use stirling silver ear wires and are comfortable to wear. They can easily be worn all day.

Mazdevallia is the work of artist and jewellery maker Maylin Evanochko. Originally a painter of large scale abstract works, in 2017 she began making jewellery in her Melbourne-based studio from individually handcrafted components, considering each pair of earrings like miniature works of art. 

Her particular brand of celebratory quirk is a perfect blend of fun, cheek and fashion, showcasing what's possible with slow-made techniques whilst embracing the beauty of imperfection.