Sista and Co Fan - Mini - F*ing Fabulous


Sista and Co make quirky and fun fans to keep you cool this summer, or to cool those hot hot flushes... just shut up and fan me!

Because after this year, aren't we all just feeling F*ing Fabulous! 

Wood                      Mahogany Wood
Fabric                     100% Silk
Size                         Medium 23cm 
Colour                     White, Tangarine
Packaging               Sista & Co. cylinder with microfiber pouch

Sista and Co fans are uniquely designed by sisters Rory and Kelsie, and their mum Jan, their fabrics are handpicked from the best materials, and to crown it all, they have sourced the most skillfull craftsman in the whole of Bali to ethically produce high quality trendy hand fans, giving you that extra look of class, elegance and splendour this summer.