The Chai Room - Strawberry Gum Leaf Chai


This blend is an ode to our local producers who keep the land fresh and cultivated.  We want to continue  to support the ‘local supporting local vibe.’

Our Australian Strawberry gum leaf blend has a twist in its tale as we have created our very own Aussie green chai using native and locally grown ingredients. We call it our native Australian chai where bush herbs meet Aussie grown green tea. A celebration of the rich land and its offering.
Strawberry gum leaf chai is a light, grassy mellow blend with a hint of strawberries.  Our hand crafted native blend offers shades of passion fruit and berries whilst our native cinnamon myrtle elevates the notes with a subtle cinnamon flavour which add an exciting touch of native flavours.  As our Gum leaf chai is also low in caffeine it makes it perfect for any time of day.
At the The Chai Room we work closely with local growers to support what is available on our doorstep. This blend is an ode our Australian farmers and the land that they keep fresh and cultivated.  Let’s continue that local supporting local vibe.
This mellow Australian golden brew offers fruity undertones with shades of passion fruit and berries. Cinnamon myrtle elevates the flavours with a subtle cinnamon flavour.