Brisk Trading is a collection of things. Nice things. Unusual, playful, pretty, out of the box things. Lovely items for you, your home and the people in your life.
We are a general store, a pint-sized present emporium, with gifts and small treats for everyone. Presents for friends, neighbours, teachers, someone who has done you a favour, your mum or dad or grandparent.
You might want to take a small gift to your dinner host, a surprise for your aunty, a thank you for having me to stay present, a little something for a new mother or a new baby. Or perhaps you just want to buy something nice for yourself – a small milk jug, a notepad, a scarf, a snappy pair of earrings, a new bag, a basket, a cushion, a gorgeous hand made lamp or some knock out liquorice resin drawer knobs.
The store is located in the small rural town of Guyra, in the New England region of New South Wales. We’d love you to come and visit!


Hello! I’m Bronwyn.
A former graphic designer, a farmer’s wife, mother, maker, thinker, procrastinator, and lover of nice things.
Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a thing for those nice things. Seeking them out, making them, buying them, cherishing them.
I hope you’ll find lots of things to cherish here too.