Willelaine-Nectar body oil


100% Australian Made | 100% Cruelty Free | 100% Natural

Your favourite new, versatile product.

Stranded on an island? Nectar Body oil is especially good for you honey.

Nectar Body Oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, this light-weight oil will feed the skin with so much love while improving the skin's hydration levels and elasticity all at once. Your skin is about to feel SO silky and smooth, without being sticky or super oily feeling. It soaks in beautifully and leaves your skin so glowy and hydrated.

HOT TIP: Can be used directly on your skin, in the bath, on the ends of your hair, or as a cuticle oil. The whole package. 

How to use: Pop 20 or so drops onto skin after bath or shower and massage in circular motions into skin. Use all over but to our sensitive gals, always do a test patch first whether the product is right for you!